Restaurant in Moneglia: Eva la Romantica

Breakfast, lunch and dinner close to the sea

Meals are served in the lovely Blue Hall, which is on the ground floor. For those who have chosen a half board or full board stay, our menu proposes typical ligurian dishes every day, with a great variety of fish. Our chef will offer a vast choice of opportunities bound to the territory and its products and scents to those who want to taste them. We can also prepare special meals for allergic snd intolerant people.

Special kids menu at a favorable price
Romantic dinner on the terrace on request
Menu with ligurian and genoese specialities

Typical dishes:

  • fish ravioli
  • black taglierini (pasta) with seafood
  • pasta with pesto
  • genoese ravioli
  • spaghetti with seafood
  • seafood appetizers
  • homemade pasta with cocoa
  • fish skewers
  • san pietro fish alla ligure
  • fish fry
  • slice of tuna alla genovese
  • octopus with tomatoes
  • anchovies alla ligure
  • genoese fry with seaweed
  • grilled meat
  • Chianina meat

… and so much more